The Founders

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman


After meeting coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Hugh was impressed by their hard work and decided to partner with coffee farmers abroad to bring better coffee to America and honor the work of the farmers producing it. To this end, he founded Laughing Man Coffee in 2011 to sell the best coffee and give back the entire profit to the coffee farming community.

Hugh and deb travel to Ethiopia.
They meet a young coffee farmer
named Dukale.

New York

Inspired by Dukale and his amazing
coffees, Hugh and his friends open the
laughing man café in NYC.

David Steingard

David Steingard

CEO & Co-founder

The former ADA of Brooklyn, David Steingard left his legal practice to join Hugh and his coffee shop. This dramatic transition allowed him to follow his passion for justice and social equity while discovering a new interest in coffee as a social enterprise.

All Be Happy
What is flat white?

Hugh donates all his profits to
laughing man foundation.