Please have these ready before setting up your account:
a. Your email registered with Bottomless
b. Wi-Fi name and password
c. Micro-USB cable (included in the scale)

Note: Scales typically arrive at 25% battery charge. We recommend charging your scale for 2 hours upon receiving. A full charge will last 12 months.


  1. Press the left "setup" button to initiate a WiFi portal. (You should see a green light appear)
  2. Place the scale on a flat surface, with nothing on top. Optional: place your empty container on top.
  3. On your device (phone, tablet, or computer), go to WiFi settings and connect to "Bottomless_Scale".
    *If you are on iOS15, please navigate to after connecting to the Bottomless scale.
  4. Follow the instructions on the pop-up that appears.
  5. Check your email (or phone) for the scale assignment link. Click the link to confirm successful set-up.
  6. Put your coffee on the scale.


Having trouble setting up the scale or any feedback on these instructions? Contact our scale support team or text (206) 260-0782.